Friday, November 2, 2012

Four-Year Anniversary and Change of Wedding Plans

Today, November 2, 2012, is our four-year anniversary (which means traditionally I should receive flowers, or silk/linen depending on which website I choose to trust) and it was also the day Brian and I were supposed to get married in New York City.  Well, Superstorm Sandy came in with all her wrath and flooded the east coast, putting a damper on our wedding plans.  "Damnit, Sandy!" said our friend LoriAnn, echoing the sentiments of pretty much everyone we know.  "Do NOT name your first kid Sandy," quipped my friend Mary.  Don't worry.  We won't.

So now our wedding will be postponed a week, with the new wedding date of November 9th which I don't like nearly as much.  "Sorry your gift will make less sense now..." said my friend Rebecca, who engraved Jack and Brian November 2, 2012 onto a beautiful frame for us.  "It's still the anniversary of our first date," I said, trying my best to console her.  "It will still have meaning to me."  And it's true.  Even if the 9th will be the day we officially become a married couple, November 2nd will still be our anniversary in my heart.  Always and forever.

In a way, we were prepared for this.  Originally I had wanted our reception to be on the 9th, right after our return from NYC.  But that date was already booked at the venue we wanted, so we pushed the reception back to the 16th.  If we hadn't done that, we wouldn't have had the extra week in between to reschedule our wedding.  We might have had to get married after the reception, which would have been a little weird, but luckily it will all work out (barring the possibility of another freak disaster, of course).  We were also lucky that both of our employers are supporting us in this endeavor and are willing to redo the work schedules to accommodate the change of plans.

"That's the fun part of getting married," said my friend James in a text.  "Everything will go wrong until you get there!"


JessicaDaughtrey said...

the day Justin and i got married the 3rd of December it turned int oa raging blizzered the night before all the way up until about noon. The wedding was set to start at three. We had tons of people calling to say sorry we cant even get out of our house. I cried a bit like a spoiled child for about an hour over the injustice of it all lol. Our ceremony ended up with far fewer people than originally intended, but it was still a great day.

Joaquin the Chihuahua said...

That's too bad a blizzard ruined your big day!! I'm glad you still enjoyed it after all, even with less guests. I keep telling myself there are much worse things in the world. For example, I could have had my home destroyed in that hurricane or lost a loved one... but I didn't, and that's a blessing.

Mishqueen said...

Yay, you quoted me! I feel so...validated!

Joaquin the Chihuahua said...

Ha ha! As you should. :)


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