Thursday, November 8, 2012

Airports, Athena and Other Annoyances

Midway through last-minute packing just an hour before we needed to leave for the airport, Brian decided to check the status of our flight. "Just in case," he laughed. After Hurricane Sandy threw a wrench into our plans last week you can't blame us for being a little paranoid.

"It's cancelled," Brian huffed, slamming his hands down on the table.

"What? You're kidding."

"No, I'm not."

And then I knew he really wasn't pulling my leg. It had happened yet again. New York seemed an impossible dream.

This time time the culprit was a snowstorm named Athena. Not nearly as nasty as Sandy, but still threatening enough to stop the plane from flying overnight. With all the trouble Athena and Sandy have caused me, it's no wonder I'm not attracted to women...

However, Brian and I weren't about to let some meddling natural disasters get in our way so we rebooked. Instead of flying overnight and arriving in New York City early this morning, we instead got a flight that left today (with a completely different airline, mind you) and made our way to the airport. After all of the annoyances of TSA, we made it to our gate just in time for boarding only to discover that our flight had been overbooked.

"We'll try our best to find a seat for you," said a sweet little woman in a Delta uniform.

Again Brian and I plummeted into pits of despair as yet another obstacle stood in the way of our trip. The woman made phone calls, consulted other blue-suited officials, discussed alternatives involving layovers in Cincinnatti or Kansas City, until finally a bald man with a suit and a walkie came out and said, "Someone's given up their seat and now we have room for you both. Get on board!"

We were overjoyed! So although Brian and I had to sit apart, we were grateful to be on the plane. There were no storms to stop us this time and away we went, high in the sky on a journey that would eventually lead to the Big Apple (after a bus ride from Newark that felt like an eternity...but I digress).

Yes world, a week and a day later than planned, we have finally arrived!

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