Saturday, June 23, 2012

Riley's Wedding

My coworker Riley married her fiance Chance yesterday.  My manager Jen and coworker Kate went to the ceremony, held in the backyard of Riley's family home, while Mineh and I worked at the store, so unfortunately I wasn't able to see them say their wedding vows.  I heard it was beautiful though.  Kate sent me a text that said, "Riley's wedding was adorable!  I cried."

"You did?" I asked.  "Aw..."

"Yeah," she said.  "I'm all sensitive and shit."

Hee hee.  Aren't my coworkers fun?  Anyway, they came to the store later to relieve Mineh and I so we could attend the reception.  It was in Payson (aka out in the boonies) so Mineh and I got to drive on long stretches of dirt road to get there.  We got slowed down at one point because some horses had gotten loose and a bunch of people were trying to get them off the road.  Fun times.
The reception was very nice with strings of lights and paper lanterns against the night sky.  There was a very romantic yet laid-back feel:  a true country wedding.  Riley looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress.  Her hair was down and curled instead of in some fancy up-do and she wore turquoise jewelry with her white dress which gave her a "Santa Fe" kind of look.  It really suited her.  Of course Chance looked handsome in his tux and teal blue tie.  They really are a cute couple and I'm happy for them.

Mineh and I were there just in time for the cutting of the cake, the tossing of both the bouquet and garter belt, and the couples first dance.  It was very sweet.  Riley's dance with her father afterwards almost had Mineh and I in tears.  Almost.  Riley even invited me to dance with her and it was a lot of fun.  "I've never danced with a bride before," I mused.  I tried dancing with the groom too, but he wouldn't have it.  Just kidding.

Mineh and I also ate some dinner, took photos in the photo booth and then wandered around eating cake.  Jen and Kate returned to the party after they were finished closing, which Mineh and I were grateful for because we didn't know anybody else in the wedding party besides the couple.  The highlight of the night for all four of us would have to have been when a sexy, shirtless cowboy came out of nowhere and began taking the ice sculptures away at the end of the party.  "It doesn't hurt to look, right?" asked Mineh.  We were afraid the ice would freeze to his nipples...

However, all this wedding stuff just got my mind reeling about what I want Brian's and my wedding to look like.  Ours will be in the late fall, so it won't be outdoors like Riley's was.  I'm not sure if I want an ice sculpture, but a photo booth could be fun.  I think I want live music.  And we could have Brian's work cater.  Maybe an open bar.  With all the screaming kids running around at Riley's wedding, I'm thinking I might even make a no-kid rule... but who knows?  Kate says that makes me sound snobby.  Brian and I have been called pretentious a number of times so I'm getting used to that.  All I know is I want our wedding to be classy yet fun.  Upscale but not stuffy.  Oh, and we're thinking 20s inspired! 

A year and a half seems so far away, but really it's not.  I've got to start planning!  Pinterest, here I come!

"Oh crap," Kate says.  "We've got another bridezilla on our hands."

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