Thursday, June 7, 2012

Action Louder Than Words

After making a donation at the Equality Utah booth at this year's Utah Pride Festival, we were given a t-shirt in appreciation and asked to pose for the cameras.  The photographer said, "Make it cute," and on the count of three, Brian turned and laid one on me!  Such a cute photo!  I love it!

For those who don't know, Equality Utah is an organization dedicated to the equal rights and protections of LGBT Utahns and their families.  In order to do this, Equality Utah drafts legislation and lobbies to get that legislation passed.  They focus on a variety of issues, such as hospital visitation rights, relationship recognition, HIV/AIDS, hate crimes and nondiscrimination ordinances.

Currently they are trying to pass a bill called SB51 which will make it illegal in the state of Utah to be fired or evicted based on sexual orientation.  Although various cities have passed such ordinances on the local level (such as Salt Lake City), there isn't a statewide law to protect LGBT citizens from discrimination everywhere.  Places like Orem or Provo, where Brian and I live and work, can fire or evict a homosexual person for no real reason at all.  Forty-three percent of lesbians, gays and bisexuals responded in a survey that they have experienced discrimination in housing and employment.  The percentage is even higher--67%--amongst the transgendered community.  Equality Utah has proposed statewide legislation to protect LGBT Utahns from discrimination in every legislative session since 2008.  Brian and I signed a petition while at the Utah Pride Festival, and hopefully this time around the bill will be passed.

Because I want action louder than words!


Morgan Mikel said...

Being straight, I don't really know about the discrimination against the LGBT community, but hearing that Orem and Provo can discriminate like that really makes me angry. They should not be allowed to do that. It really needs to change.

P.S. super cute picture! =)

Double P.S. Sorry for commenting on a lot of your posts... I feel like a stalker or something.

Joaquin the Chihuahua said...

Yeah... You're like a stalker. But a cool one.


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