Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some Pretty Great Friends

I love this photo of Michelle, Wes and I getting cozy for the camera!

I've learned a lot about friendship as of late.  I've also learned a lot about myself.  And what I've learned is that I'm not the greatest friend in the world.

I generally feel that I'm a friendly person.  I like most everybody once I get to know them and I enjoy the company of others, but being friendly is not the same thing as being a friend.  Being a friend requires a lot of work... and fairly recently I almost lost one of the best friends I've ever had (besides Brian) and all because I wasn't willing to put in the work.  I was selfish.  I wanted things to be easy and I wanted them to be my way.  But as it is with any relationship, there has to be some give and take.

Luckily, after I said some horrible and cruel things, my friend found it in her heart to forgive me.  That long conversation in a parked car is one I hope to never have to repeat, but in many ways I think it helped our friendship.  It forced us to say some of the things we've been too afraid to say--things that needed to be said--and now we're stronger for it.

I think.  I hope.

Just this Sunday Michelle and I drove the two hours up to Logan, Utah to visit our mutual friend Wes.  He's a great kid who we both kind of see as our brother.  Unfortunately, he's been having a rough time with some of his roommates so we thought we'd go and cheer him up.  We spent the whole day up there.  We did some shopping, watched a movie and even took him out to eat at the Olive Garden which, surprisingly enough, he had never been to before!  Then we went back to his room and spent the night talking and laughing like only we know how... and I thought to myself:  "I have some pretty great friends."

So I'd just like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for Michelle, Wes and everyone else I've been lucky enough to call a friend.  I also promise to do my best to selflessly love you all in return and be there when I'm needed most.  And if you ever feel the need to call me out on something, by all means, do it!  I am far from perfect, but I'm trying.

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