Wednesday, December 14, 2011

School's Out! (and Other News)

So after November ended and my whirlwind book-writing ceased, the month of December arrived and brought with it the final two weeks of school.  I lucked out and only had one test to study for, and it wasn't even a cumulative final exam.  I did however have two six-page research papers to write and an interview to conduct with a local author.  Pending her permission, I might post that interview on this blog someday. 

This morning I went to my very last class of the year and now I can officially say that school's out!  All I have to fill my time now is work, and believe me, it does a very good job of filling my time up!  I've been working 40+ hour weeks and I am very excited to see my paycheck tomorrow.  It will be my first paycheck from Zales for a full two-week period and I am anxious to see just how much bigger it is than a Cinemark paycheck.  Of course I've done the math in my head, but it's always awesome to see it show up in my account!

My new job has been good so far.  I still miss my friends at Cinemark, but luckily I get along great with my new coworkers at Zales.  We're a much smaller team (just six including me) and I'm the only guy.  My duties mostly consist of unlocking and locking jewelry cases to show pieces to customers and pray to God that they decide to buy something.  A lot of times they don't, but it's still fun to help them.  I don't always know the answers to their questions, but luckily there is always another salesperson to help me out when I get stuck.  I'm sure someday I'll be an expert, but for now I am still learning.

Sometimes it can be a little slow traffic-wise, so I clean a lot of glass, conduct case counts and do a lot of pacing.  It's not uncommon to find us all bored and playing with our phones or gossiping or chatting up the kiosk workers in front of our store.  Overall though, work is fun and I enjoy it.  The only thing that really gets old is not having a car to get myself there.  I have to depend on rides and when no one is available, I take the bus.  It's much too far to walk.

In other news, Brian and I are going to Boise, Idaho this Christmas to see my mom.  My brother and sister will be flying in as well which will be even more awesome.  I haven't spent Christmas with my family in three years, so I am very excited.  This will be Brian's first Christmas away from home though, and his mom is a little bitter about that...  I hope she knows that we still love her even if we won't be there!

Anyway, to commemorate the end of my first semester at UVU, I've decided to have a "Brit Lit Weekend" where I'll post the papers I wrote for my British Literature class.  The first one posts tomorrow!

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