Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Ends With a Virus!

My mommy and I on Christmas Eve.
Some people like to end the year with a bang, but me?  I decided to end it with a virus.  A computer virus to be more specific and it partially explains why I haven't had a new blog post since the 19th.  Well, that and life got busy but I'll talk about that a little later on.  As far as the virus goes, my poor little laptop has been hanging on by a thread for a long time.  Years really.  It would shut off at random or freeze up or do anything at all to upset me.  That seemed to be its main goal in life:  upsetting me.  And with its life's purpose fully realized it has bitten the dust, kicked the bucket and gone to meet its maker.  Some computer experts declared it officially dead on December 30th, 2011.  Cause of death:  a vicious computer virus that destroyed the hard drive.  May my Toshiba rest in peace.

So now I'm writing this from a borrowed computer, which I could have done sooner if it weren't for the fact that I've been too busy.  I naively thought that Christmas break would provide me with some kind of rest and relaxation, but that hasn't been the case.  Work at the diamond store continued on, of course, and in the week leading up to Christmas, any time spent outside of my 40-hour workload was spent getting together with friends and family and shopping, shopping, shopping.  Brian and I visited my Uncle Greg and his family for an evening, went to a birthday dinner for Michelle's brother-in-law at Tucano's Brazillian Grill, entertained Brian's cousin Patrick who visited from Logan for a few days, baked deserts for the Kesler family Christmas party at the Culinary Crafts kitchen where Brian works, attended said Kesler family Christmas party, and then packed and boarded a plane to Boise, Idaho to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my mom and siblings. 

Christmas at my mother's was so much fun, even if our trip to Boise was a short one (and the plane ride even shorter).  We flew in on the morning of the 24th and spent the day playing games and catching up with my family after checking out the new animated movie The Adventures of Tintin which everyone enjoyed.  That night was a traditional holiday dinner of ham with all the fixings followed by more games, more conversation and more merriment.  Christmas morning was on a Sunday so we all went to church (sinners included) and opened presents afterward.  Santa was good to us, and Brian and I barely managed to get everything back home with us!  So many awesome presents, including a new iPod!  I'm really excited to take it with me to the gym.

And speaking of the gym, Brian and I have decided that getting in shape is one of our main focuses in 2012 so we have signed up with Planet Fitness.  I even spent $120 today buying workout clothes and athletic shoes.  So if I don't want to put my money to waste, I better commit to getting healthy!  And with work and school, it won't be easy to get to the gym, but I better make it work!  If not, I might find myself in the same situation as my poor laptop:  dead with an incurable virus.

Here's hoping for a happy, healthy 2012!


Anonymous said...

Think we might have to have a fund raiser to get you a new laptop.


Joaquin the Chihuahua said...

Not needed! Brian bought us a new one today at Best Buy! :)


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