Wednesday, April 30, 2014

To Borrow

A "painting" of our new abode, using the Waterlogue app.  Isn't it pretty?

To Borrow

Houses are rentable, yes,
and cars are too, I hear,
although I’ve never rented one.
My own car is so run-down 
it's just sad.  What’s sadder
is I bought it that way,
with a seatbelt that goes across
my lap and a separate one
for my upper body.  I joke
I’m buckling up to blast off
into space where the house
I’m renting looks like the ones
you play Monopoly with,
only mine’s blue not red.
It’s also run-down, the house,
but in a beautiful kind of way—
the way a mother looks
in line at the supermarket
with a cartful of diapers
and Hamburger Helper,
one hand lovingly laced
around the fudgy fingers
of a messy child,
clutching clipped coupons
in the other hand as if one
might be Wonka’s golden
ticket promising to whisk
her away in The Great
Glass Elevator up to a place
where cars never break,
roofs never leak
and run-down isn’t even
a possibility.

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