Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blogger MIA

Ever since school got out I've been MIA here on the blog.  I've just been busy with other stuff.  You know how that is.  So I guess it's high time to fill the blogging world in on what Brian and I have been up to.

  • I've been doing "Insanity" workouts consistently for five weeks now.  I just began the second (and more difficult) month of the training program so hopefully I get even more results.  I do think I look and feel a lot better, but I've still got more belly than I would like!  Perhaps I need to lay off the pretzel bites and Red Robin fries...
  • Speaking of eating, Brian has begun to live a vegan lifestyle for the past few weeks.  He believes humans are meant to eat animals, but he's against the animal cruelty found in today's factory farming.  We've watched some documentaries that will rip your heart out.  So sad.  As a result, I've become semi-vegetarian myself.  I eat vegan when I'm at home, and when I eat out or at work I try to avoid meat (I still allow myself cheese and stuff).  Sometimes I cave in though.
  • I announced the new "season" of Chihuahua Comics set to begin after Father's Day.  I've been working here and there on the new comics, but I have to admit I've got lots more to do!
  • Other than comics, I've been working towards completing The Diamond Course so that I can become DCA-certified.  I can get paid up to 40 hours for completing it, which is an extra week's pay!  That and it'll supposedly make me more diamond-savvy thus improving my sales.  If I don't improve my sales soon, I could be out of a job.  Luckily I've already made my May sales goal!  HOORAY!  Let's just hope I can keep up the good momentum...
  • Speaking of jobs, I have some bad news about Brian's job with Culinary Crafts.  He was fired on Memorial Day via phone and it's rocked us both.  We definitely need two incomes to live the way we've been living, so I hope he can find a new job soon.
  • Recently Brian started a little side business of selling macarons, but it's not enough to live on by any means.  However, we do hope to see it grow as time goes on.  We've made just a simple Facebook page and have been selling quite a few macarons to friends and family.  His sister got us a pretty big order from the middle school she works at, so that's awesome.  Hopefully word-of-mouth will keep us busy throughout the summer.
  • In other news, we were able to have dinner with my Uncle Greg a couple weeks back and just this last week my mom surprised me with a little visit at work!  She was in town for the day and wanted to see me.
  • The night before Memorial Day we had some friends over for what we were calling "PMS" or "Pre-Memorial Shindig."  It was a lot of fun and we even met new friends through some of our existing friends.  New friends are always nice.
So that's where I've been lately.  I'll try to take better care of this blog in the future, but I make no promises.  Ha ha.

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