Saturday, March 23, 2013

Yawning Hollow

For my English 3440 Class (Intermediate Poetry) we were asked by our professor Dr. Laura Hamblin to create a chapbook. What's a chapbook?  Well, I had no idea either so don't feel too stupid.  Basically, back in the old days in England a chapman was a bookseller, and a chapbook was a small, inexpensive book of poetry, ballads, stories, etc.  At least that's what the Internet Machine tells me.  So basically my chapbook is a small 20-page book of 12 poems and photos from our trip to New York City.  It's kind of cool.  I ordered two of them (one for my professor and one for me) and they should arrive on April 8th.

A quick story about the title.  One of my poems contained the phrase "gaping hole" which everyone in my workshop considered to be too cliche.  So in the revision process it eventually became "yawning hollow" which is more unique and has a really nice sound with the assonance.  In fact, I liked the two words together so much that I made it the title of the collection.  Runner-ups included A Burnt Out Match and Gin-Soaked, also phrases from the included poems, but in the end I just fell in love with Yawning Hollow.  So yay for workshops and harsh criticisms!

Anyway, the book is just $8.99, and while I originally wasn't planning on selling it, some extra cash doesn't hurt anybody, right? Ha ha.  So buy one if you love me.  Or you can read it for free right here in the preview...

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