Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Gleek Critique: "Asian F" Episode

Kurt apologized for being upset over Blaine's audition and promised to support him.  Image property of Fox.
Mike Chang finally gets a front-and-center storyline in tonight's episode!  His father is concerned when Mike brings home an "Asian F" (which is just an A-) and reminds him that he can't get into Harvard with bad grades.  He also feels that Mike would be better off dropping out of the glee club, since it's only a distraction.  But Mike's heart lies in dancing, and he just can't let it go.  So he decides to audition for the part of Riff in the school's production of West Side Story, leading to a touching moment with his mother who encourages him to pursue his dreams.

Mercedes' boyfriend convinces her that she is much better than Rachel and that she should fight to be on top.  And while it's nice to see Mercedes receiving support and gaining some new-found confidence, it's not so great to see her turn into a selfish diva.  She starts showing up late, giving excuses and generally snapping at everyone.  Finally she goes head to head against Rachel for the lead role of Maria.  And in an interesting turn of events, Rachel fears that Mercedes may be better than her and decides to run for student council president... which doesn't go over so well with Kurt.  But in the end, Rachel ends up with the role after all and Mercedes joins Shelby's new glee club.

Meanwhile, Will wonders why he hasn't met Emma's parents yet so he takes it upon himself to contact them and invite them to dinner.  However, he soon discovers that Emma hasn't introduced them yet because she is embarrassed of them.  Her parents are "ginger supremacists" who only like red-headed people.  They also have a tendency of mocking Emma for her OCD, something that Will will not stand for.  The visit has Emma reverting to some of her obsessive habits, and Will kneels down to pray with her as a sign that together they will overcome it.

The Pros:
  • Mercedes' rendition of Jennifer Hudson's "Spotlight" was very good, but my favorite would have to be her impersonation of Effie in the song "It's All Over" from the musical Dreamgirls.  She and the other members of the club sang all the parts and it was pretty neat in my opinion.
  • Gotta love when Brittany and Mike sing and dance!  Brittany's "Run the World (Girls)" originally by Beyonce was full of great dance moves and girl power, and Mike's performance of "Cool" (from the musical West Side Story) was very very good.  I really thought Mike shone brightly tonight and proved that he really is a pretty good singer... and actor.
  • Kurt quit being a baby and is happy for Blaine like a good boyfriend should be.  I loved when Blaine said, "You always zig when I think you're about to zag."  Very sweet.
  • I liked the scene when Mike danced with his mother.  Priceless.
  • Mercedes and Rachel did a great job with "Out Here on My Own" from Fame.  Too bad they hate each other...
The Cons:
  • Finn's character has disappeared lately.  I would like to see him do... something.  I don't know.  Anything really.
  • Double-casting is lame!  I would have liked it if the directors actually chose Mercedes over Rachel if they really thought she was better. Their decision was a cop-out.
  • I always miss Sue when she isn't featured...


Michelle said...

I always love your Glee reviews! You're awesome! This season of Glee is rocking my world which is good cuz something need to rock my world! :)

CreativePsycho said...

I just watched it! It was great! But, funny enough, I haven't really missed Finn. Huh. But I really liked this episode! -Wes


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