Monday, May 3, 2010


Last night I was reading my friend Kayla’s blog (she’s the friend that leaves most of the comments by the way) and she had written about some crazy landlord who asked her about her other life… her daydream life. She of course said that she didn’t have another life, just the one, and he insisted that both she and he led another life in the alternate universe of their daydreams. Apparently, it had something to do with their birthdays being so close together, but I’m pretty sure that all of us dream regardless of the month we were born in.

Her post was part quirky, part adorable. After telling the story she proceeded to list facts pertaining to her daydream life. In other words, things she dreamed were true. It got me thinking about my own dream life. If someone was able to meet me there, in that Dreamland, what would they see?

Here’s my list (and yes, Kayla, I’m flat out copying you. I’m a copy cat):

In my dreams, I’m not a copycat. I’m 100% original. Ha ha ha.

In my dreams, I have the body of a Greek god. You know what I mean. Great six-pack, broad shoulders and chest, muscles pretty much everywhere, wearing nothing but a fig leaf.

In my dreams, I don’t have to shave. I hate shaving.

In my dreams, I don’t work in a mall. I actually make a living doing what I love. I’m an animator.

In my dreams, I’m much more organized. My house is spic and span and decorated stylishly, of course. I’m always on time, and never rushed.

In my dreams, I’m a world traveler. I’ve backpacked across Europe, seen great museums, heard fantastic music, eaten delicious cuisine, and have many stories and treasures to share. I’ve racked up some serious frequent flier miles…

In my dreams, I’m a better lover, and I don’t mean that in the gross way you’re thinking. Pervert. I mean that I’m less selfish, more giving, more considerate, less grumpy, more trusting, more aware of my partner’s needs and wants.

In my dreams, I’m closer to my family and friends. Less estranged, more intimate. Less polite, more honest.

In my dreams, I’m closer to God. Maybe feel that he cares about me, loves me.

In my dreams, I have a family. Someday. Oh how Brian and I want that. To be fathers.

In my dreams, I’m a lot of things. I guess the challenge now is to merge my daydream life with my normal life. We’ve only got one life to live, and no, I’m not referring to that soap opera. Honestly. There’s more to life than TV, people.


Miss Kayla said...

I love it! My daydream list though is everything I will make happen in my real life! :) Maybe we can do some of that traveling together! Like when I'm in Morocco, you can come visit me and I'll take care of you!! *muah*!

Oh, and P.S., He does love you

Joaquin the Chihuahua said...

Thanks, Kayla! Love ya to death!


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